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We created this platform to support and celebrate excellent black businesses. Far too often, black businesses are overlooked and underfunded.

More than anything, we want to see your business win! That’s why we created the 5-Day Visibility Challenge and The BOOM App in the first place. So many businesses fail just because they don’t have access to resources – we’re making that a non-issue.

As a Founding Member of The BOOM App, you’ll:

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Ever-changing algorithms, complicated A/B testing, mind-boggling analytics – it’s enough to make you go cross-eyed! These things are important, but what if you had a little shortcut?

The BOOM App means targeted traffic from customers who are actually looking for you. Become a Featured Business in the app, run promo posts in the FB group, and host virtual pop-up shops to amplify your reach.

We bet you thought that was it, right?

You may not realize it, but The BOOM App team is made up of digital strategists, designers, copywriters, and business systems experts. So, we got the team together and collected our best tools, templates, and courses to help you build on what you learned during the challenge… for free.


  • Webinar Presentation Packet ($197)
    No professional designer on your team? No problem! This engaging, professionally designed presentation template is waiting for you to slip in your branding and information.

  • Email Sales Plug & Play Sequence Template ($297)
    Warm your audience up with this personality-filled email sales sequence template. Simply fill in the blanks with your information and a little of your unique shine, and you’re ready to sell your service or product.

  • Live Masterclass – Systems ($497)
    Are you constantly scrambling to get things done on time or remember what you have to do next? Putting systems in place will save you time, money, and so many headaches.

  • Live Masterclass – Roadmap to Revenue ($997)
    Power through financial roadblocks with organization, awareness, and a 5-step process for revenue growth.

Tasha Clopton explains why she joined The BOOM App

“The Boom App has helped me feel more confident in selling my masks online. Ms. Luckett makes sure you feel secure every step of the way!”


Eva & Lowe

We All Start Somewhere

When BOOM App co-founder, Sequena Luckett, started her business, the internet was a very different place. MIDI music, animated text set against boldly colored backgrounds, and so many flashing graphics.

Look, no one knew what they were doing!

There weren’t a lot of businesses online quite yet, but that also meant we were rolling the dice most of the time. We all just kind of had to figure it out as we went along, which translated to spending hard-earned money and hours of precious, precious time just to test out new strategies and ideas.

The More Things Change, The More They Stay The Same

Today, there are so many resources out there. Googling “how to start a business” will get you hundreds of thousands of results and everyone has their own opinion on how to handle your business.

But, who do you listen to?
Which strategies do you try?
Will the winning strategies work for your long-term goals?

Even with a literal encyclopedia of free knowledge at our fingertips, it’s still mostly a guessing game.

You get to choose from overly complicated, jargon-heavy guides that seem as if they were created by marketing experts for… well, other marketing experts or quick, cute, ultra-fluffy listicles that leave you with more questions than answers.

So, you sign up for everything and half-commit to this plan and that strategy for a few days before running to the next big promise.

You need the right resources.

Over the years, Sequena has worked with startups, small businesses and entrepreneurs. Man, she’s heard it all – not enough money, not enough time, don’t know where to start, “I’m just terrible at selling myself”.

Valid concerns, especially if you’re operating as a one man (or woman) show.

She loved working 1:on:1 with clients to help them get their strategy on track, but not everyone can afford regular sessions with a highly paid consultant.

It wasn’t just new businesses on the line – Sequena is deeply passionate about supporting black business owners in whatever way she can.

How could she reach entrepreneurs and small businesses on every level?
How could she make a lasting impact?
How could she help provide resources to those who need them most?

You’re burnt out on freebies and haphazard marketing “strategies”.

Being an entrepreneur is hard. You know what they say, if it was easy, everyone would do it! Still, it shouldn’t feel impossible.

But, if you’re like most entrepreneurs we’ve talked to, you’re just plain overwhelmed when it comes to marketing.

“I’m tired of wasting my time on things that might not work.”
“I don’t know where to begin or who to listen to.”
“I’d rather spend my time on the parts of my business that light me up.”
“I pretty much go cross-eyed at the thought of analytics and pixels.”
“I can’t bear the thought of spending one more red penny on courses that are all hype.”
“I keep posting and blogging and sending emails with little traffic and no engagement.”

Any of those sound familiar?

Honestly, it’s exhausting and you didn’t get into business to come up with social media plans and marketing strategies. Well… unless you started a marketing agency.

You launched your business to bring your gift to the world and we believe that’s what you should focus on.

The BOOM App helped me gain momentum in my business. I joined because I believed in their mission to help all black-owned businesses keep the black dollar in our community.


First Choice Tax Service

This isn’t a business directory.

There are quite a few black-owned business directories hanging around the internet and they’re great. We LOVE that they’re down for the cause, but The BOOM App isn’t just a place to post your link among hundreds (sometimes thousands) of other businesses.

We work for you, giving your business a platform to be seen and heard. We have a community of shoppers looking to buy from and support businesses just like yours both in our app and in our private Facebook group.

Think of us as less of a directory and more as a resource – an advocate. We don’t just let your business listing gather dust on our app; we become your biggest fan, singing your praises and telling everyone we know about you.

When you’re just throwing content out into the world without a plan or a dedicated audience, it can feel like you’re barely making a whisper. We’re here to help you make a BOOM!

Don’t just take our word for it…

Hear why people are joining The BOOM App community.

Excellence Isn’t Enough Anymore

There are thousands of amazing businesses and services out there. And let’s be honest, there are at least a couple businesses out there just like yours. To stand out, you have to make some noise! (Ahem, a BOOM)

If you were to spend as little as $5 a day on FB ads, you’d end up with a bill totaling over $1800! At just $499, lifetime access to a targeted audience of shoppers will pay for itself x10 in no time.








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