Searching for a way to get your product in front of your target audience?

Look no further than our Pop-Up Shop! During this curated event, you’ll have a chance to introduce your product to hungry buyers and tell them all about its amazing benefits and features. This is the perfect opportunity to get all eyes on you, so don’t miss out!

How it all works:

  1. Make a small investment of $25.
  2. Give us your business info.
  3. Schedule your time to shine!

Business Investment

See one of our member’s pop-up shops in action.

[Building] relationships are important [Sequena at The BOOM] your willingness to give, your willingness to share & the idea of supporting black businesses without asking for a discount.

Tasha Clopton

TLC Talk Radio

Business Info

When you make your payment above. Please fill out the form below. We need to learn a few details about your business.

What is you business entity?*

How long have you been in business?*

What was your revenue last year?

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why is there a cost to sign up?

We want to work with serious businesses. In order to separate the business that understands the value of marketing, we have a small fee for businesses to pay upfront.

Will there be any other fees for the pop-up shop?

NO. The investment is $25 to share your product/service. There will not be any other fees associated with it.

Do I have to be an LLC or Corporation?

No. We embrace sole proprietors as well. Not all businesses are an entity and want to help you grow your business.

Do I have to have a promotion during the Pop-Up Shop?

No. We strongly encourage you to have one. Why? Because our goal is to push your product. You will have the opportunity to choose the timeframe of your promotion if you have one. We will walk you through everything.
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